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In 2020 come walking with me, with a diference, in Scotland. For more details please email me>>>>. 

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Introducing Hike Bike Tours

We all love to travel. It’s in our blood to explore and to find new places as well as different cultures. My website will help you plan your trek in Nepal, hillwalk in Scotland, hike in England, your cycle in France, bike ride in Austria or your adventure in another country. So whether it is your first time travelling or you are ready for that journey of a lifetime, it is probably time to make that dream become a reality. I have over thirty five years of travel experience including itinerary planning, managing staff in the field, selling holidays in a travel agency as well as leading trips through a number of different countries.

This website will give you some ideas to help you get the best from your holiday. Whether you already use my services or have been recommended to me by a friend I look forward to helping you the next time you travel. I am not here to give the cheapest price but to offer professional advice as well as competitive pricing. The advice is not free and with an initial consultation fee of $110 it is not that expensive. However I can make a difference to your journey! Remember, I am paid to tell you where to go!

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Time and Money

Some argue that money is our biggest problem but I say that time is our major enemy! Not only is it in short supply but it flies past much quicker than you think. And we all know that the older you are the faster it goes. You can always borrow money or put it on credit. However time doesn't stand still so my advice with travel is to not to put off until tomorrow what you can do now. As some borders close others open and as opportunities arise grab the chance.

I’m told I’m a lucky person being paid to tell people where to go! I'm now looking forward to helping you.

Being Informed

I like to keep up to date with what's happening around the world and I also like to keep you informed. For example as our dollar decreases in value against other currencies travellers become more pessimistic which usually means airlines bring out cheaper airfares. Pessimism then changes to optimism and people start to think about travelling again. And so the cycle continues. As new information falls on my desk I would like to pass it on. Please join my newsletter list.

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