The country where I was raised and bottle-fed on ascending the Bens and cycling the Glens. Scotland is a country steeped in history and tradition where the scenery is magnificent and the people are amongst the friendliest on earth. This is my turf where my knowledge and experience will help you choose the best hike or cycle. The West Highland Way is the most popular long distance walk and with good weather, one of the best in the world. Being fit and having a good pair of boots is excellent preparation for walking while some good leg muscles will help you enjoy the long and winding road.

Colin's Suggestion

Spend as long as possible amongst the highland and islands of this beautiful and historic country. The island of Skye is one of my favourite places and home to the Talisker Distillery. After your hike or cycle, hire a car and just see where the road takes you. Visit the seaside village of Plockton, home of the TV series Hamish Mcbeth or visit the haunting but beautiful Glencoe.

Best Time To Visit

September is my favourite time to see Scotland as you have the autumn colours, the northern hemisphere tourists have gone home and the heat of the land is still there.

A Good Tip

Take a good pair of boots and some waterproof top and bottom.

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