Lhasa to Kathmandu by bike

This is a cycle trip I have always wanted to do. This was our plan about 10 years ago but due to the Chinese clamp down on independent travellers we switched to the Karakorum Highway. It is my aim to do this trip in 2012. Whether I do it as a fully supported or self-supported trip will depend on the level of interest.

We will fly into Lhasa at an altitude of 3660 metres which means we will need a number of days to acclimatize and get use to the rarified air. This trip is one of the highest and remotest in the world. We cross six major passes on a high and dry plateau-land which is punctuated by the unforgettable monastery towns of Gyantse, Shigatse and Shegar. On the detour away from the main route towards the Rongbuk Monastery we climb through many hairpin bends to reach the Pang La which affords breathtaking first views of Mount Everest and some other major Himalayan peaks. After we rejoin the main road we descend 4600 metres to the green valley of the Bhote Kosi River in Nepal. Then it is uphill to the hill station town of Dhulikel on the edge of the Kathmandu Valley before a short descent to Kathmandu itself.


High altitude cycling


Day 1: Arrival into Lhasa
Day 2: A free day in Lhasa
Day 3-5: Free days in Lhasa to acclimatise
Day 6: To the bottom of the Khamba La
Day 7: Campsite before Nakartse
Day 8: Campsite beneath the Simi La
Day 9: To Gyantse
Day 10: to Shigatse
Day 11: Toward the distant Tso La
Day 12: Campsite at Gyamtso La
Day 13: Campsite near Shegar and Chay Village
Day 14: Toward Everest and camp near Choesang
Day 15: To the Rongbuk Monastery
Day 16: Back to the main road and campsite near Tingri
Day 17: Campsite below Lalung La
Day 18: Campsite near Nyalam
Day 19: Downhill to Nepal border
Day 20: To Kathmandu
Day 21: End of trip


22 September 2014. So plenty of time to get your leave pass and get fit.


Not sure yet as still to decide if this will be a fully supported trip or a self-supported one. Please email me to show your interest in either trip. You can read about my Leh to Manali cycle trip as well as my Karakorum Highway one. Photos here of Leh to Manali.


This is a fully supported ride including mountain bikes. I can email you the trip dossier. 


This is a very tough and remote cycle trip at altitude.

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